Plastic Recycling Week Social Media Event

Plastic Recycling Week

#PlasticRecyclingWeek, piloted in 2021, is back in full swing this year! In honor of America Recycles Day, this social media driven event aims to raise awareness and educate on the subject of plastics recycling. The major themes listed below will be expanded upon throughout the week, telling a story of the plastic recycling rate and how brands, industry, consumers, and government can and are helping to raise it.

From November 14th through 18th, we will be collaborating with organizations representing all aspects of the plastics recycling chain—material suppliers, consumer product manufacturers, brands, and recyclers—sharing goals for bringing attention to the benefits and potential of plastic recycling.

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Monday, November 14th – Overview of Plastic Recycling: Then and Now

To kick off Plastic Recycling Week 2022, we will be discussing how much plastic is currently being recycled. The plastic recycling rate reported by the EPA is measured by comparing the total amount of plastic produced with the total amount recycled within one year. However, not all plastic products are made to be recycled within one year. After all, a desirable feature of plastic as a material is its durability.

On Monday, we’ll touch on what the plastic recycling rate has been in the past, where it stands today, and where it is projected to reach in the future. The rest of the week will be focused on how brands, industry, government, and consumers can help in achieving recycling goals.

Tuesday, November 15th – Brand Commitments & America Recycles Day

It has become uncommon for a brand not to have sustainability goals. Large and small brands alike have strong influence when it comes to potentially increasing recycling rates. This influence appears in the beginning of a product’s life by choosing to design that product to be easily recycled in our current system, and at a product’s end of life by choosing recycled content over virgin material.

On the second day of #PlasticRecyclingWeek, we will highlight brands that are walking the walk and making a positive impact on plastic recycling.

Wednesday, November 16th – Industry Investments

The plastic industry has invested billions in recycling technologies and processes—and continues to innovate! These investments include improving sortation capabilities in mechanical recycling, building and operating advanced recycling facilities, determining new end markets for difficult-to-recycle products, using recycled content, and advocating for policies that will allow for further investment in the recycling system.

PLASTICS will be sharing investments our members have made in plastic recycling and the impacts that resulted.

Thursday, November 17th – Consumers Engagement

We love plastic. But we hate plastic waste! That is why the plastics industry aims to do everything in its power to make the recycling process as easy on consumers as possible. We want our products to remain in the circular economy and stay out of the environment and landfill.

Once it leaves the manufacturing plant, a plastic product is out of the industry’s control. Once it leaves the store, it is out of the brand’s hands and in the care of the consumer. Consumers have a responsibility to play their part in the recycling process.

Thursday, we will be sharing the information a consumer needs to be an effective player in the plastic recycling system.

Friday, November 18th – Beyond the Bin

What happens to plastic products after they are placed in the recycling bin? To close out #PlasticRecyclingWeek, we will follow plastic products along their journey to becoming usable plastic material and eventually, part of a brand-new product.

Despite what some critiques say, plastic recycling does happen, and it does work! Today we’ll show you how.

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