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The Plastics Industry Association provides a complete data resource portfolio to help our members make informed business decisions that continue to drive our industry’s innovations and success by tracking macroeconomic events and data releases year-round. Explore our resources by clicking below. 

NEW! The Plastics Industry Annual Business Outlook report is now available.

Plastics Business Sentiment Report

An Analysis of Workforce Development Issues in the U.S. Plastics Industry White Paper 

What are the issues surrounding workforce development in the U.S. plastics industry? Is it simply a skills gap - a lack of unqualified workers, an ongoing issue facing the manufacturing sector - resulting in unfilled positions?

Download the "Analysis of Workforce Development Issues in the U.S. Plastics Industry" white paper to obtain a better understanding of the plastics workforce profile and gain key short and long-term recommendations that'll help your company sustain a supply of skilled workers.

  • COVID-19 and the Economy

    Find the latest updates from Perc Pineda, PhD, PLASTICS' Chief Economist, on COVID-19 and its impact on the plastics industry.

  • Plastics Workforce Resources

    As part of PLASTICS efforts to provide our members with resources and guidance on the workforce development issue, we have developed a Plastics Workforce Profile that contains data on the plastics industry’s occupation by state. The occupations, percentage of total, hourly and annual wages for each of the four broad sectors of the plastics industry can be downloaded here:

    The data are based on the occupational employment statistics survey of the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The percent (%) of total column does not add up to 100, due to missing data. Employment estimates that are not available are indicated by **. The data posted here will be updated when new employment statistics are available from the BLS.

    Some states have apprenticeship and workforce development programs. Contact information by state including the Veterans Affairs can be downloaded below. As conditions change, other states may offer workforce development programs. PLASTICS will keep tabs on these changes and will provide additional states with their respective contacts as they become available.

    Career opportunities in the plastics industry continue to evolve. PLASTICS has compiled a list of five dynamic occupations in the industry that are currently in high demand and are projected to see substantial openings over the next decade. Click below to learn more about the plastics industry’s workforce career opportunities.

    The military Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides information, tools, and training to help service members and their spouses get ready to successfully move from the military to civilian life. TAP guides users on veteran benefits, education options, federal assistance and veteran employment help.  Click below to find TAP offices in your State and connect with the TAP manager to explore hiring transitioning veterans.

  • Brexit Whitepaper

    While the EU agreed to a Brexit delay until October 31, 2019, avoiding a "potentially calamitous" Brexit set for April 12, 2019, there is no guarantee of an orderly departure from the EU in terms of an arrangement for continued access to the EU common market. The UK can leave before October 31, 2019 if Prime Minister Theresa May can get her deal approved by UK parliament. Without a deal, UK's trade regime will default to the most-favored-nation clause under the World Trade Organization rules. This will negative impact UK's economy and the economy of the EU and non-EU countries with trade relationships with the UK.

    To read more on the effects of Brexit on the U.S. plastics industry by clicking below. This resource is available for PLASTICS members only. 

    Download Whitepaper here. 

  • Monthly Plastics Production and Capacity Utilization

    Find the Monthly Plastics Production and Capacity Utilization (1980-Present) data. This resource is available for PLASTICS members-only.

    Download data here.

  • Plastics Producer Price Indices

    Find the Monthly Plastics Producer Price Indices. This resource is available for PLASTICS members-only.

    Download Information Here

  • Jobs Supported by Plastics Exports via USMCA
  • U.S. Medical Devices Trade Report

    This quarterly medical devices trade report is prepared for the members of PLASTICS’ Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Applications Committee (PMDAC) providing data insights on imports, exports and trade balance. This resource is available for PLASTICS members-only.

    Download report here.

  • Plastics Value of Manufacturers' Shipments and Inventories

    The monthly value of manufacturers' shipments, inventories (by stages of production), and inventories to shipment ratio (1992 - present) can be found below. This resource is available for PLASTICS members only. 

    Download data here. 

  • Plastics Industry End Markets

    Know your market and stay competitive. Download monthly plastics end markets industry data such as sales, shipments, production, capacity utilization and more.

  • Molds for Plastics Monthly Trade