Flexible Vinyl Products Division (FVPD)

PLASTICS’ Flexible Vinyl Products Division (FVPD) represents all companies working with polyvinyl chloride, a.k.a., PVC or Vinyl.

FVPD provides technical education to promote vinyl innovation, advocacy at every level of government, including international, regulatory assistance for members, and works to support jobs and economic growth in the vinyl industry, including:

  • Formulators (compounding chemists)
  • Plastisol and Compounder Producers and Suppliers
  • Resin, Plasticizer and Additive Suppliers
  • End-Product Processors
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Designers
  • Specifiers
  • Consultants


The FVPD Technical Committee has developed over 50 practical, non-routine analytical tests for flexible PVC. This comprehensive book features reliable methods to produce quantitative results determining numerous material characterizations. Developed by industry experts, this First Edition will be your go-to source for implementing: Raw Material Testing; Vinyl Dispersion (Plastisol) Preparation; Vinyl Dispersion (Plastisol Characterization); Processing/Fusion; and Compound/Part Characterization.

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The Annual Compounders Conference

Each year the Division produces the Annual Compounders Conference, usually in mid-July. This is the largest annual gathering in the vinyl industry.

While FVPD’s target audience is the general flexible vinyl market, our conference audience consists primarily of representatives from those companies involved with plastisol and organosols, which are liquid compounds based on 1µ dispersion (a.k.a.: paste, emulsion) resins.

Conference attendees represent companies including vinyl resin and plasticizer producers, captive and non-captive plastisol formulators (compounders) and producers of industrial and consumer end-products.

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