Local Employers Receive National Recognition, Awards at PLASTICS 2021 Spring Meeting

May 20, 2021

WASHINGTON–The PLASTICS Industry Association (PLASTICS) this week announced the winners of its first annual PLASTICS Member Engagement Awards as part of the association’s 2021 Spring Meeting. The meeting gathered plastics experts from across America to share best practices, hear from industry and government leaders and gain valuable insights from PLASTICS specialists on economics and government affairs.

The awards were presented by Tony Radoszewski, President and CEO of PLASTICS in recognition of association members who have shown exceptional dedication to the goals and mission of the plastics industry.

“It is extremely important to recognize members who have provided outstanding service to the association and to the industry overall,” said Radoszewski. “The PLASTICS Member Engagement Awards are an opportunity to provide that well-deserved recognition this year and in years to come.”

Awards were presented to the following:

Ultra-Poly Corporation (Portland, PA)

Kevin Cronin, Vice President of Sustainability and R&D at Ultra-Poly and 2021 chair of the PLASTICS Recycling Committee, was recognized for becoming quickly and wholeheartedly involved with the association, including a case study focused on Ultra-Poly’s innovative recycling program for automobile bumper fascia.

“It’s always energizing to work with smart and dedicated people, and my experience representing Ultra-Poly at PLASTICS has allowed me to do just that,” Cronin said.

“We have an opportunity as a company to join a number of different organizations and the responsibility of recommending which one fell to me,” Cronin said. “PLASTICS, I believe, made the most sense. We have not looked back on that, even a little bit. We continue to remain engaged. It’s a great pleasure, very humbling really, to receive this award.”

“The bumper recycling program demonstrates the commitment the industry and the association has to developing novel and viable recycling programs to reduce the negative impact of plastic solid waste,” said Cronin.

Zeiger Industries (Canton, OH)

Stan Glover, Director of Technical Sales at Zeiger and member of the association’s Board of Directors, was honored for 30 years of commitment to PLASTICS, with special mention of his deep involvement in the creation of state, federal and international machinery safety standards.

“PLASTICS has been an integral part of my professional career and without Zeiger Industries’ support, I wouldn’t have been able to participate like I have,” said Glover. “The support I get from PLASTICS’s staff, whether it be at the domestic or international level, government affairs or setting up the meetings that are so important for the equipment council and its members is really key to the success of our members’ engagement.”

Manar Inc. (Edinburgh, IN)

Michael Cirone, President of Manar, PLASTICS Board of Directors member and current chair of the PLASTICS Processors Council was recognized for enthusiastic member recruitment and his exceptional level of activity in forming and growing the association’s Transportation and Industrial Plastics Committee (TIP).

“We really appreciate the award,” Cirone said. “It’s been a tremendous pleasure working with PLASTICS these six years, a tremendous honor for me and for Manar to be working with this great organization. I look forward to continuing to drive our TIP programs forward, especially what we have going on in recycling.”