• Sustainability

      Insight and Perspective Shared at PLASTICS Packaging Summit

      PLASTICS recently hosted the first annual PLASTICS Packaging Summit, featuring more than 30 expert speakers and attended by hundreds of professionals throughout the manufacturing sector who have a vested interest in the future of plastics as a key material for a broad range of packaging solutions.
    • Advocacy

      The Plastic Tax Would Hurt the Economy and the Environment

      Tony Radoszewski, President and CEO of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), shares some thoughts on federal legislation, currently under consideration, that would deliver "a gut punch to working-class families across the country" by levying a tax on plastic production.
    • Industry News

      Farewell, Jay Gardiner (1951-2021)

      Our association and the entire plastics industry lost a dear friend recently with the passing of Jay Gardiner. Not only was he a consummate professional in the field of plastics, he was a selfless citizen who served 30 years in his local fire department.
    • Industry News

      Global Plastics Ranking™: China, the U.S., and Germany Lead

      The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) recently issued its 2021 Global Trend Report. This PLASTICS' flagship publication takes a deep dive into the U.S. plastics trade with the rest of the world during the previous year and the first six months of the current year. It also provides a snapshot of the international plastics and rubber trade.
    • Future Leaders

      A Veteran Professional in the Making

      For a younger guy in the business, Zach Adams displays the maturity of a veteran. A graduate of North Carolina State University, he’s enjoying a career with a company that gives its people opportunities.
    • Advocacy

      The Resin Tax Moving Through Congress Threatens the Plastics Supply Chain and Whole Economy

      The U.S. Congress is considering a proposal to extract 20 cents per pound on plastic resins produced domestically. There are strong economic arguments against such a proposal, specifically how it affects jobs, consumption, and disposable income.