Future Leaders in Plastics (FLiP) Book Club – Podcast: “What ‘likeability really means in the workplace” from NPR

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Join the Future Leaders in Plastics (FLiP) Book Club to participate in leadership development discussions, get inspired by other young professionals, and learn new strategies for personal and/or professional growth. Attendees will have a chance to share their thoughts and discuss concepts from the videos, podcasts, and books.

Criteria to Participate:

  • Your company must be a member of the Plastics Industry Association
  • Open to professionals under the age of 40
  • Registration is required to receive the meeting link in advance of the event

About This Month’s Topic for Discussion: 

“What likeability really means in the workplace” from NPR

NPR Podcast: The urge to be liked is a powerful force in the world: It can force you to rethink behavior, appearances, even relationships…likeability is a moving target – an invisible scorecard that we internalize but that those around us fill out for us. And the stakes of that scorecard are even higher in the workplace. Read more here.

**Book Clubs covering TED Talk videos or podcasts will be played at the start of the book club discussion on it’s scheduled date. No prep work is needed to join this discussion.