• At GPS, a Positive Outlook for Plastics but Risks Remain
    As a manufacturing sector, plastics has outpaced its counterparts in terms of economic growth since the 1980s. The industry looks poised to continue this trend too, as a panel of economic and plastics experts testified this morning at the Global Plastics Summit (GPS) in Chicago, hosted jointly by IHS and SPI: the Plastics Industry Trade Association.
  • SPI Hires Plastic-Industry Veteran as New Key Account Sales Director
    SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association announced today that Kristin B. Charlton has joined the organization as its new Key Account Sales Director. As an SPI member with 15 years of experience in sales and account management, much of it within the industry she’ll now serve, Charlton is a uniquely savvy addition to SPI’s team who will help increase SPI’s ability to deliver benefits directly to the U.S. plastics industry and the 900,000 jobs it supports.
  • SPI Continues Pursuit of Zero Waste with Launch of Capital Asset Management Services
    SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association (SPI) partnered with long-standing member company, Meadoworks, Wednesday to launch Capital Asset Management Services, a new program to support the plastics industry’s goal of eliminating waste while bringing new life to existing resources. By partnering with Meadoworks, a global leader in the selling of used plastics machinery, SPI is now able to deliver a single platform where manufacturers can appraise their assets, dismantle and remove obsolete equipment, and even find a new home for used equipment.
  • California DTSC Excludes Food Packaging in Draft Three-Year Priority Product Work Plan
    Invites stakeholders to two workshops to discuss the work plan’s scope and content prior to finalization.

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