About the APBA

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About the APBA

The American Progressive Bag Alliance (APBA) was founded in 2005 to represent a thriving and resourceful industry employing more than 24,600 American workers in more than 40 states (learn more here). The APBA proactively promotes product lines and leads numerous public policy initiatives that serve as the frontline defense against plastic bag bans and taxes nationwide.

Key initiatives include:

  •     Increasing recycling opportunities
    •     Preventing litter and protecting our natural resources
    •     Encouraging plastic bag reuse
    •     Correcting misinformation regarding litter and waste
    •     Educating the public about the environmental advantage to using plastic bags
    •     Combating ill-advised legislation that could limit consumer choices

    With the support of the industry’s workers, the APBA promotes American-made plastic products that are the smartest, most environmentally-friendly choice at the checkout counter for both retailers and consumers. But the fight continues, as misguided environmentalists spread false information that prompts legislators in cities and states all over the country to consider plastic grocery bag bans or taxes. Certain environmental activists also work aggressively to ban or tax plastic retail, pharmacy, restaurant and convenience store bags under the guise of environmental stewardship. The APBA needs your help to educate interested legislators and engage the environmental community by suggesting alternatives including reusing plastic bags and increasing consumer recycling.