Strategic Plan

2021-2023 PLASTICS Strategic Plan

Events move quickly. Goals change. Strategies that worked in the past may not work today.

To create a more efficient, effective organization capable of tackling current challenges to the industry, PLASTICS convened a meeting of its Board of Directors, key association stakeholders and its staff in Washington, D.C. Over two days of intense discussion, sharp minds from across the country homed in on the most important issues facing our industry.

Policymakers need better information to solve the waste issue without harming jobs and economic growth. Plastics are so useful and widespread many have forgotten the benefits plastics bring. More members should become involved in PLASTICS. Our association should lead sustainability and recycling efforts that demonstrate our industry’s goodwill and innovation.

In short, four goals became clear: Advocacy, Communications, Engagement and Sustainability (ACES). By the end of the two-day forum, the group developed strategies to achieve each goal and assigned board-level sponsors and staff-level champions to oversee progress.

Our Mission

We lead and promote the plastics industry.

Our Vision

A world where plastic is embraced for sustainably improving the quality of life. 

Get involved. Attend a committee meeting.


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