Rigid Plastic Packaging Group

A resin-neutral group within PLASTICS that focuses on consumer products and food service packaging, the Rigid Plastic Packaging Group (RPPG) provides networking and engagement on issues impacting the business of rigid plastic packaging and shipping containers. It’s membership includes suppliers, plastics processors, converters and brand owners that are part of the rigid plastic packaging supply chain that delivers products like plastic bottles, buckets and food containers to consumers and businesses every day. 

Plastics account for one-third of the $700-billion global packaging industry, and much of this plastic packaging is rigid. The Rigid Plastic Packaging Group has been very concerned about the perception of plastics, as is the entire industry. The RPPG Executive Committee is working with the PLASTICS Communications Department on creating a series of pro-plastics videos that will “move the needle” on the perception of plastics. 

These videos can be used by member companies, used for new hires, shared with legislators, displayed at events, etc. To date, we have launched three:

“Plastics Prevent Food Waste” demonstrates the environmental benefit of plastic packaging for preserving food and preventing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Plastics Improve Lives” highlights the vital roles that plastic products and plastic packaging play in modern healthcare. 

“Plastics Do More with Less” focuses on the sustainability benefits of plastic packaging used to ship and sell household products.

RPPG brings company representatives together to:

  • Discuss and exchange knowledge on new technology, resin innovations and packaging trends that impact the rigid plastic packaging industry.
  • Communicate new innovations in rigid plastic packaging and its recycling and recovery.
  • Act as a clearinghouse for information on advocacy efforts related to rigid plastic packaging recycling, recovery, and material deselection initiatives.
  • Formulate advocacy strategies and develop technical comments that promote the use of sound science and good public policy toward fair regulation of rigid plastic packaging.
  • Provide networking opportunities throughout the year for companies that process or use rigid plastic packaging or sell resin, additives and equipment for the manufacture of rigid plastic packaging.