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  • Plastics Industry Association COVID-19 Resources

    Do you have questions? We have answers. Visit the PLASTICS COVID-19 Resource page for timely information.  Read now for important updates to the federal government financial response section.

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  • Plastics Industry "Essential" As First Line of Defense To Fight Coronavirus

    "With more and more businesses being ordered to close during the pandemic crisis, it is critical that healthcare workers have access to plastic products. Single-use plastics can literally be the difference between life and death."

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  • This Is Plastics

    Find articles, infographics and interactive quizzes to help your family, friends neighbors and the world understand the importance of plastics.

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Upcoming Events

  • OCS Webinar - Operation...

    Sep 29 - 29, 2020
  • Size & Impact Webinar

    Sep 30 - 30, 2020
  • Manufacturing Day 2020

    Oct 2 - 2, 2020
  • GPS Online

    Oct 21 - 23, 2020

From global trade shows like NPE® to fall and spring niche market conferences hosted by Plastics Industry Association groups, the leading experts assemble at PLASTICS events to learn, network and advance their company’s interests.

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    Since 1937, we’ve been providing education and advocacy to our members. Our committees and events bring the boldest and brightest innovators, influencers and new technology together to create connections and showcase our industry.

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    Positive news about the plastics industry you won’t find anywhere else.

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