FLiP Files: Tom Hanvey


Everyone dreams of a warm and welcoming workplace. One where people and ideas are valued and supported. Where you can learn, grow and see a future. That is exactly what Tom Hanvey found when he stumbled upon the plastics industry.

Tom recently celebrated his fourth anniversary with Asaclean-Sun Plastech Inc. where he works as the marketing manager. Before his job with Asaclean-Sun Plastech Inc., he attended Fordham University in New York City and then worked for several years as an e-commerce and marketing manager with a sports memorabilia company. 

After five years in sports marketing, a new opportunity presented itself.  “When I was presented the opportunity for a new job in the plastics industry, I was told I would be able to completely build the marketing department from the ground up and make it whatever I wanted it to be. I was first attracted to the opportunity and then fell in love with the industry once I started,” Tom said.

Tom likes the challenges and opportunities presented in his current position. He thinks of the work that he and the marketing team accomplishes as one of finding solutions for their customers. “Marketing is all about providing value to prospects and customers and giving as much value as we can.  It’s all about finding solutions for our customers.”

According to Tom, the value of the plastics industry is apparent. Tom recognizes that, while some public perception of plastic products may be negative, the key is to educate the general public on the importance of plastics and how plastics can improve our lives.

“I have heard a lot of people say, ‘plastics are bad.’ Plastics are not bad. Look at all the plastic products we need to help us during COVID-19. What is bad with the people who litter and people who don’t follow recycling rules. As an industry, we need to make sure we are educating people on how we can use and dispose of plastics.”

When he began in the industry, Tom was used to a “dog eat dog” work environment where you needed to hit the ground running and keep questions to yourself. He felt pleasantly surprised after joining the Asaclean-Sun Plastech Inc. team with the immediate support he received by experts in the industry. “I was just blown away by how warm and welcoming everybody was even though I didn't have the background they did. People were very helpful along the way. If you didn’t know something, someone would be willing to explain it because people are very passionate about the industry,” Tom said. 

This support has led Tom to experience a lot of new opportunities within the industry. Tom is learning Japanese and was invited to visit Asahi Kasei’s Headquarters in Japan and sightsee in Tokyo & Kyoto. He was a founding member of the Asahi Kasei North American Marketing Council. And he was recently featured as a 2020 Plastics News Rising Star for his work with Asaclean-Sun Plastech Inc.

“In plastics, everybody helps each other be successful,” Tom said. “Personally, this job is the happiest I've ever been anywhere in my career.”


The FLiP Files is a blog series spotlighting young professionals who are active in PLASTICS' Future Leaders in Plastics (FLiP), a group for plastics professionals under the age of 40. For this FLiP File, we spoke with Tom Hanvey, Marketing Manager at Asaclean-Sun Plastech Inc. about his experience working in the plastics industry.