PLASTICS' Bioplastics Division will host the seventh-annual Bioplastics Week from September 13-17, 2021. Bioplastics Week is a social media campaign created to increase visibility for bioplastics by driving digital conversations via social media posts that feature materials such as infographics, reports, blog posts, and videos. It serves as an opportunity to educate consumer and the plastics industry about bioplastics.

To participate in Bioplastics Weeks, follow along on social media using the hashtag #BioplasticsWeek or contact the Bioplastics Division liaison, Patrick Krieger


What are bioplastics? This year, the Bioplastics Division has curated a comprehensive Resource List that links to a range or resources from news articles to research studies, blogs, to compostability guides. These resources touch on topics from Beginning of Life to End of Life; from Bioplastics 101 to more technical information. Be on the look out for this valuable archive as well as other information to be posted on PLASTICS social media channels Monday, September 13th. Share the Resource List with your peers to encourage collective understanding of the bioplastics industry.

Thank you to all Bioplastics Division Members who helped create this year’s Resource List!  

Tuesday, September 14 – Plants to Products

Today is all about beginning of life of bioplastics. What are bioplastics are made of? How and where are they made? Learn more about the process, locations, and people that make bioplastics come to life.

We will be releasing a YouTube playlist that is a compilation of numerous organization’s informational and entertaining videos about bioplastics. Sit back, make some popcorn, and relax while you watch this great collection on the PLASTICS YouTube channel. Thank you to all of the organizations that have contributed their videos!

Wednesday, September 15 – Buying Bioplastics

Calling all bioplastics producers! Today is dedicated to highlighting the products YOU make that are made from bioplastics and the benefits of using them. We encourage you to post about your bioplastic products on your social channels with the hashtag #BioplasticsWeek today.

Thursday, September 16 – Beyond the Bin

Where do bioplastics go when we are done using them? We will be diving into the End of Life options for bioplastics. Tune in to learn about the different processes, reuse options, etc.

PLASTICS is proud to announce the 2021 Innovation in Bioplastics Award Winner! The bioplastics industry is a cradle of innovation, marrying science and sustainability to create unique polymers and products. We are very impressed by all of our Innovation in Bioplastics Submission this year and will be highlighting a few finalists as the week goes on.

Friday, September 17 – Bioplastics Policy

This last day of Bioplastics Week is dedicated to explaining different types of policies and programs that impact the bioplastics industry, such as the USDA BioPreferred Program’s product labeling, introduction of the Cultivating Organic Matter through the Promotion of Sustainable Techniques (COMPOST) Act, and the European Commission’s European Green Deal Framework.

Learning about bioplastics doesn’t have to happen only one week a year. All of the resources that we shared this week will be posted to this page for you to be able to reference whenever you may need a refresher. Throughout the year, you’ll be able to continue exploring the world of bioplastics through events such as the Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit, as well as any new developments, products, and other industry bioplastics information that we will continue to share on PLASTICS platforms.

To participate, follow the event hashtag #BioplasticsWeek. Post, like, and retweet throughout the week!

Questions? Please contact Patrick Krieger at

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