PLASTICS' Bioplastics Division will host the eighth-annual Bioplastics Week from September 12-16, 2022. Bioplastics Week is a social media campaign created to increase visibility for bioplastics by driving digital conversations via social media posts that feature materials such as infographics, reports, blog posts, and videos. It serves as an opportunity to educate consumers and the plastics industry about bioplastics.

To participate in Bioplastics Weeks, follow along on social media using the hashtag #BioplasticsWeek or contact the Bioplastics Division liaison, Heather Nortz

2022 Bioplastics Week Partners

Below are the major themes that PLASTICS and members of the Bioplastics Division will be focusing on in our posts this year. We encourage all participants to post any day of the week on any topic related to bioplastics and use the hashtag #BioplasticsWeek. Feel free to follow along with our daily themes as well!


Like all materials, bioplastics has unique properties that determine what applications they are best suited for. Both for their circular end of life options as well as their performance profiles, bioplastics make the most sense for numerous products. Some of the use cases we will be highlighting are:

  • Food contact products including food service items, produce bags, and coffee capsules.
  • Agricultural products including films, mulch, and fertilizer coating.
  • Surgical and medicinal applications such as stitches, joint replacements, and pill binders.
  • Products requiring heat profiles unavailable to fossil-based plastic.
  • 3D Printing input material.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 – Addressing Common Misconceptions

Numerous misconceptions exist in regard to bioplastics, from the most basic level of defining what is a bioplastic to more complex topics like disposal. During the second day of Bioplastics Week, we will address and debunk many of these inaccuracies.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 14 –BIOPLASTIC Products you see and use everyday

Bioplastic products are all around you! Often, you may not even realize that items you use and see everyday are made from bioplastics. PLASTICS will be highlighting many bioplastic products that are in use today as well as providing an aspirational view of what could be available for use in the future. We encourage you to do the same!

Thursday, SEPTEMBER 15 – Policy Impacting Bioplastics

The Bioplastics Division at PLASTICS advocates for bioplastics to be considered in legislation that discuss minimum recycled content, extended producer responsibility, labeling, waste management infrastructure, etc. Today, we will be discussing the regulatory landscape positively and negatively impacting the bioplastics industry both in the United States and internationally.  

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 – Major Takeaways

A lot of information is shared throughout Bioplastics Week. To reinforce, we will be using the last day of this event to reiterate the big ideas that people should understand about bioplastics. Participants are encouraged to post on their channels by filling in this blank: “If you walk away from #BioplasticsWeek with one lesson, it should be ____”.

Learning about bioplastics doesn’t have to happen only one week a year. Throughout the year, you’ll be able to continue exploring the world of bioplastics through events such as the Re|focus Sustainability & Recycling Summit, as well as any new developments, products, and other industry bioplastics information that we will continue to share on PLASTICS platforms.


Questions? Please contact Heather Nortz at