The PLASTICS 2021 Spring Meeting gathered plastics experts from across the country for three days of sharing best practices, hearing from industry and government leaders and gaining valuable insights from association specialists on economics and government affairs.

During his opening remarks on May 17, Tony Radoszewski, President and CEO of PLASTICS, presented the first annual PLASTICS Member Engagement Awards, recognizing members from each of the association’s three supply chain councils who have shown exceptional dedication to the goals and mission of PLASTICS.

“It is extremely important to recognize members who have provided outstanding service to the association and to the industry overall,” said Radoszewski. “The PLASTICS Member Engagement awards are an opportunity to provide that well-deserved recognition this year and in years to come.”

The 2021 winners of awards for Leadership Excellence are:

Stan Glover, Equipment Manufacturing and Mold Making Council (EMMC): A 30-year member of the association, Glover is also on the PLASTICS Board of Directors. Deeply involved in the creation of state, federal and international machinery safety standards over the years, Glover is Director of Technical Sales for Zeiger Industries.

Michael Cirone, Processors Council: The President of Manar Inc. and current Chair of the Processors Council is known as an enthusiastic recruiter of new members for the association and for his dedication to forming and growing the Transportation and Industrial Plastics Committee (TIP). Cirone is also a member of the PLASTICS Board of Directors.

Kevin Cronin, Material Suppliers Council: A more recent PLASTICS member, the VP of Sustainability and R&D for Ultra-Poly Corporation is recognized for becoming quickly and wholeheartedly engaged. His contributions include a case study focused on Ultra-Poly’s innovative recycling program for automobile bumper fascia and being the 2021 Chair of the Recycling Committee.

There is also an award for Emerging Excellence, given to Annina Donaldson, Florida Operations President for Maxi-Blast Inc. for her contributions to Future Leaders in Plastics (FLiP), a PLASTICS group dedicated to continuing education, relationship-building and networking for plastics professionals under the age of 40. Donaldson is also a dedicated member of the EMMC Veterans Affairs Committee.

In congratulating the winners, Radoszewski added, “Our association is a non-profit organization with a special mission to support an entire industry the world relies on. Our members help us to fulfill that mission.”