Brad Crocker, CEO of materials provider Epsilyte was awarded the inaugural PLASTICS William R. Carteaux Leadership Award in a presentation that took place as part of the Plastics Hall of Fame gala in Chicago on May 2.

The award, named after the late CEO of PLASTICS, Bill Carteaux, recognizes unity, dedication, perseverance and selflessness, and is intended for an industry professional who has achieved distinction working for the betterment of the plastics industry.

In presenting the award, Bill Carteaux’s wife, Daniele Fresca Carteaux, spoke of the qualities repre sented by the award, how her husband stood for those qualities, and how Crocker exemplifies them in his career.

Crocker’s company, Epsilyte, serves customers with highly insulative materials that reduce energy usage in buildings, ensure safe and healthy food with innovative packaging technologies, protect lives with high-impact technology in safety helmets, and safeguard other perishable shipments like vaccines. The company also participates in infrastructure investments, both in the United States and abroad.