The PLASTICS 2022 Fluoropolymers Division Conference at Lago Mar Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, its first in-person conference since 2019, was a welcome and informative event for all in attendance. More than seventy-five guests, all leading professionals in the fluoropolymers space, gathered to network, share best practices and hear from expert speakers on a wide range of vital topics.

“We’re grateful to the Fluoropolymers Division Executive Committee who helped organize the conference and to all of our speakers and attendees,” said Leslie Jutte, Director of the PLASTICS Material Suppliers Council. “And none of it would have been possible without our sponsors.”

The conference sponsors were Acton Technologies, AGC Chemicals Americas, Flontech USA, Gujarat Fluorochemicals Limited (GFL), Poly-Smith PTFE, and Shamrock Technologies.

Meeting friends, old and new

Everyone arriving for the conference was stepping out of a very busy and hectic life, so the first order of business was to wind down with a golf outing at the Jacaranda Golf Club, one of South Florida’s most popular. It was a great opportunity to relax, enjoy the Florida sunshine, get to know new colleagues in the industry, meet potential customers and catch up with longtime colleagues and friends. Networking and reconnecting were top priorities for everyone, and they made the most of their time at the reception events on the schedule.

Getting down to business

The fabulous weather and great company put everyone in the mood to get down to business and discuss the state of the fluoropolymers industry in 2022 during two days of presentations featuring hot topics, timely information and new developments in the fluoropolymers space, including:

  • The global economic outlook for 2022 and its impact on fluoropolymer demand and supply
  • State and Federal and International regulatory and policy activity on the phasing out or restricting of PFAS chemicals
  • Major trends in industry sectors that will increase the need for fluoropolymers
  • Supply chain challenges that will continue into 2022 and what can be done to address them
  • Recycling and sustainability efforts within the fluoropolymers industry
  • New product and application developments using fluoropolymers

Moving fluoropolymers forward

The fluoropolymer industry is facing supply chain issues, workforce shortages, and pressure from regulators pursuing the phasing out and restriction of PFAS chemicals.  Still, the demand for fluoropolymers continues due to their unmatched resistance to corrosion, extreme weather, moisture, temperature and more. They continue to play an important role in products integral to our lives in markets such as transportation, construction, industrial processing, and electrical systems and electronics products. The industry is responding by innovating, incorporating new technologies and taking necessary measures to ensure the safe handling of the material.