Global Trends 2022

The Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) annual Global Trends report analyzes U.S. trade data on an industry-wide and segment-specific basis for 2021 and also provides a peek at 2022. The U.S. plastics industry is still a major player in world trade. This report features key findings that will arm you with the information needed to move in 2023.

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Compression Test for Corrugated Boxes Initial Box Strength

This method outlines the procedure for measuring the initial strength of boxes, which refers to their ability to withstand top-to-bottom compressive loads. It assesses the box’s structural integrity and the support provided by the insert, if present. By subjecting the box to a controlled compressive force, this method determines its resistance to deformation and collapse. The results provide valuable information about the box’s load-bearing capacity and its suitability for packaging and transportation purposes.

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