FLiP Community Impact

Giving back to the community and engaging workers in volunteering efforts is an important part of the plastics industry. There are numerous ways for FLiP members to lead this charge within their companies.

A few examples include:
  • Organizing a litter cleanup
  • Engaging with local students to teach about plastic sustainability and/or recycling
  • Begin a clothing or book drive at your facility

About the Community Impact Task Group

The Community Impact Task Group aims to foster collaboration among PLASTICS member companies and external organizations to provide an outlet for the industry to give back and positively impact the environment and communities in which the plastics industry serves.

Programs and Resources

Plan a Litter Cleanup

The Community Impact Task Group designed this guide to make planning a cleanup as easy and enjoyable as possible. Interested in positively impacting your community by cleaning up mismanaged waste?

Download the guide to start planning today!

Download Guide
Cleanup Champions

This initiative urges PLASTICS Member companies to utilize the “Guide to Planning a Litter Cleanup” to organize and carry out impactful cleanups in their local communities within a year. Participating companies are dedicated to eliminating plastic and other waste in their areas, and these cleanups provide Champions with the opportunity to:

  • Contribute to their community by decreasing mismanaged waste.
  • Promote team building by taking employees out of the office or facility to interact in the community.
  • Establish connections and foster relationships between the plastics industry and charitable, environmental, or community organizations.
  • Inspire others to actively participate and organize their own cleanup initiatives.
Read the 2023 Summary Report
Community Impact in Action
  • Members: FLiP has set the goal for PLASTICS members under 40 to achieve 200 community service hours within the year. Record your hours here!
  • Non-Members: use the ideas for impacting the environments and communities in which the plastics industry serves to implement in your workplace and/or community.

Ask the Experts Meeting Series:

In efforts to share the wealth of knowledge within the plastics industry about engaging in volunteerism, the Community Impact Task Group has begun inviting experts in the field of community impact and volunteering to speak at their meetings. All FLiP members are welcome to sit in. If you’re interested in presenting your expertise to the group, let us know by filling in the form below!

Connect Your Expertise