FLiP Mentorship Program

This is a mentorship program that pairs interested young professionals (under the age of 40) with more tenured plastics industry professionals in mutually beneficial relationships.

Program Goal

To provide a way for industry members to learn more about the plastics industry, develop their professional skills and better serve within their roles through the help of other more experienced and accomplished industry professionals.


6-8 months, but hopefully forming a relationship that will last much longer.

Time Commitment

About 10 hours, but it’s really up to you. Typically pairs set up a monthly call and try to meet in-person at least once.

Why Participate?

Rewards for all participants include:

  • Develop leadership skills
  • Foster lasting friendships
  • Network and community involvement
  • Share mutual interests
  • Sharpen communication skills
  • Learn from each other and see different perspectives
  • Objective feedback on skills

For more information and to apply for the mentorship program, contact Leslie Jutte at [email protected].

Discover how future leaders are cultivated through industry mentorship.

– Robert Render, Ravago Americas (Mentor)

“I have been fortunate to have several mentees and each experience has been different which just show the diversity of approach and breadth of the industry. This program really helps both parties keep pace with change but also with what core principles still work.”

– Hannah Smith, Printpack (Mentee)

“This program was a great opportunity to network and meet other women in the plastics industry, outside of my current organization. You guys did a great job pairing me up with a mentor. It felt like we had known each other for years. I felt comfortable talking with her on a range of topics. I really appreciate this opportunity and would recommend it to all those interested.”

– Shamus Hardie, Inter Pipeline (Mentee)

“I was grateful to participate in the FLiP mentorship as a mentee and learn from a knowledgeable and passionate senior leader in the industry. This program provided a great opportunity for me to gain experience and listen to shared wisdom not only tailored to the plastics industry, but to gain broad insights on leadership and professional development as I look at my career path ahead. I appreciated the self-directed pace and flexibility to discuss various topics, which let me focus on issues and interests most relevant to me and my goals. Having such a welcoming and encouraging mentor enabled me to practice our discussions and find success within my day job; for that I am truly grateful and wish the same for any other participants interested in the FLiP mentorship program.”

– Zach Adams, Milliken & Co (Mentee)

“My mentor was fantastic.  He gave great general leadership and management advice and we were able to dig into some specific challenges I have been working on.”

Please note: The FLiP/PLASTICS Mentorship Program is not to be used as a recruitment or employment tool.

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