Wire & Cable

More and more wireless applications are coming to market, making life more secure and convenient; cameras, security systems, smart appliances and media are becoming more and more sophisticated. As these applications come online, they will increase the wattage transmitted over cabling originally intended just for data.

These new technologies and electronics have greater needs in terms of power and data transmission. This may generate heat and, when not insulated with the right material, this heat can potentially cause degradation of the data flow and of the wire itself, potentially increasing temperatures to unsafe levels. 

Plastic is used to protect wire and cable.

The Wire and Cable Section of the Fluoropolymers Division has been proactive in working with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to understand the implications of this issue. UL was commissioned to author an independent Fact Finding Report to identify the potential hazard. 

Defining the safe wattage levels for existing cabling, this report and data were accepted by the National Fire Protection Association as part of the 2024 National Electrical Code (NEC). 

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