June 2, 2021

DOE Invests $14.5M in Plastics Recycling R&D

The Plastics Industry Association (Plastics) has expressed its support of the DOE’s plans to provide $14.5 million in funding through the Plastics Innovation Challenge. “We’re very encouraged to see the Biden Administration recognize the importance of recycling infrastructure to a sustainable, circular economy,” says Tony Radoszewski, Plastics president and CEO. “Plastics are at the center of life in the 21st century. We all enjoy their benefits every day. The Plastics Innovation Challenge will help us all to enjoy those many benefits with greater confidence about the effect we’re having on the environment. This is a great first step and the plastics industry will continue to work with the Biden administration and Congress to ensure that continued investment in America’s recycling infrastructure is included in any upcoming federal infrastructure package.”

Source: https://www.wastetodaymagazine.com/article/department-energy-funding-plastics-innovation-challenge-update/